Home Care Payments

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AxisCare Billing Simplified

Agencies and Clients love the service

"AutoBill saved me 15 hours a month in time spent invoicing and answering invoice related questions. My customer contacts dropped 75% and clients are happier because they can access everything online." Meredith - Visiting Angels Granbury

Get Paid Faster

AutoBill allows for automated card and check processing - ACH clears in as fast as 24 hours!

Syncs with AxisCare & QuickBooks

No more double entry, easy to track late pays and better back office control. Syncs with Quickbooks too!

Patient Wallet

Securely store patient information like Credit Card or Checking Account and simplify billing while improving cash flow.

Flexible Payment Options

Accept Checks or Card and allow family to pay online or take payments over the phone.

Billing Done in Minutes

Once you establish the rules, AutoBill does all the work. 

Friendly Reminders

Extensive email reminders do your job and make sure you get paid. No more lost invoices.

"I saved over 80 hours a month!"

"After a month of AutoBill, my business was transformed. I used to have two full time employees focussed on billing, now it's just one part-time person. My cash flow has improved with automated payments. Clients love the professional invoices and I have more time to market and grow my agency." Tracey Abrams, Owner, Harvest In-Home Care Inc. 

Home Care Billing

Upgrade your client invoices with custom, four color, first class mail or email - your choice - always available online. 

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Getting Started is a breeze

Our team will train you on this intuitive solution and be with you all the way as you launch. Clients typically convert in as little as one billing cycle.